UCO TRADING is an international company that trades commodities, by-products and end products within the bio-diesel industry. Our main feature is that we only work with sustainable-certified products. We are experts on obtaining commodities from waste and transforming them bio-diesel.

We offer a wide range of products with the aim of satisfying our clients’ needs in every phase of the supply and sales chain. UCO TRADING also guarantees a free access to the sources of supply in several regions worldwide. With broad experience behind us, our team relies on its expertise on the commodities, logistics, financial and sustainability markets, in order to optimize the company and add value to our clients. Therefore, you take care of the production process whereas we take care of the supply, trading and marketing of the product.

Given our experience in the UCO and UCOME markets and our know-how of the current Spanish legislation, as well as a remarkable chain of suppliers and clients, we are able to offer your company a real opportunity to successfully set up on this market in the long term.