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The latest European Directive of renewable energy, also known as RED 2, was published on December 2018. It gives countries different targets regarding the adoption and use of renewable sources for energy consumption until 2030. Of these targets, it is specially relevant to point out that 14% of energy consumed by the transport sector must be of renewable origin by that year. Each member country of the Union has limited time to transpose this norm into national laws.

In Spain, the renewables requirement of biodiesel blends currently stands at 7%. That’s the reason why we see a square surrounding “B7” on every diesel pump at gas stations. We should expect this amount to increase gradually over the following years.

As we’ve seen in previous news, the biodiesel component found in conventional fuels comes from Used Cooking Oil (UCO) among other used vegetable oils. This is a clear example of circular economy (CE) in which we succesfully recycle waste into renewable energy (W2E). Through an adequate recycling process, we all benefit from a more sustainable and cleaner energy.