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The used cooking oil is the most demanded residue by the first and second generation of biodiesel plants to be mixed with fresh vegetable oil and produce UCOME completely on specification. It is also highly demanded by oil refineries that can convert it in HVO, also known as blue diesel, after a previous treatment to reduce the content of metals. As it is a waste, its characteristics are not homogeneous and vary depending on the origin, the raw material of which it is made and the use and type of collection that has been given. The main types of uco that we find are the following


All the collectors have to perform a pre-treatment after the collection consisting of filtering, heating above 50ºC and subsequent decantation to eliminate solid residues, impurities and water…

Premium UCO

FFA max 3%

MIU max 2

Sulfur max 30 ppm

Lodine Value min 90

Standard UCO

FFA max 5%

MIU max 2%

Sulfur max 50 ppm

Lodine Value min 80