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As experts in buying and selling used cooking oil (UCO), our experience in the market makes us increasingly known and have more presence in the media. For this reason, we want to show you an interview that we have done at the end of April in the TPA. It shows how the idea of ​​creating UCOTRADING came about, the activity of the company, our experience in the UCO market (Used Cooking Oil) and the visit to one of our suppliers. We hope you like it!!

Evolution of UCOTRADING and activity

UCOTRADING was created in 2013, as a company that sells raw materials, products and by-products for the biodiesel industry. With great effort we have become specialists in the market of UCO (Used Cooking Oil) and the biodiesel that is manufactured from the same one called UCOME. Our knowledge of the different national legislations allows our clients the opportunity to establish themselves successfully and durably in the market.

In this sector it is vital to comply with all legal requirements, through the implementation of sustainability management systems that adapt to all the formalities that each country may request, for this reason we have always worked with certified and sustainable material (ISCC-EU scheme).

UCOTRADING has been growing and becoming increasingly visible both nationally and internationally closing 2017 with a turnover of € 19 million and expanding our supply network throughout Latin America and part of Asia. But for us, not only is the service generated to our suppliers and customers important, but we also place a great deal of emphasis on caring for the environment and the causes of solidarity that are evident by collaborating with different initiatives such as solidarity collection with the Entreculturas Foundation or reduction of our carbon footprint as a company.