We build long-lasting relationships with our clients while constantly improving our business plan in order to become the core of the business. By understanding our clients’ goals, we are able to offer products and solutions that satisfy their needs and increase their incomes. We provide imported raw materials from non-European countries and also take part in the intra-Community supply and the export of ready made bio-diesel.

Sustainability Consultancy

With regard to sustainability, this industry is currently going through a professionalization process thanks to the progress made in regulation and legislation. In this respect, a number of sustainability certificates have been created to audit the traceability systems on raw and end products to ensure its own sustainability.

In UCO TRADING we offer the establishment of a sustainability management system adapted to the requirements of any certification body, being so far the German system the most popular one towards obtaining the ISCC-EU and ISCC-DE certificates. However, we are also able to establish the French and the Italian systems.

Consultancy and Risk Management:

Our team of experts at UCO TRADING is specialized in identifying opportunities and the “right time” to buy and make risk-free operations. By thoroughly analysing and assessing the market, we create individualised risk management strategies and help you build reasonable expectations to obtain the best possible results.

“Well-informed clients make wise decisions which increase the chances of success and minimize the risks”.

Internationalization and Logistic Advice:

UCO TRADING provides its suppliers and clients with a complete service that goes beyond mere intermediation and adds value to their company. We perfectly know all the issues related to this market and that is why we give advice to our clients in the following matters:

  • Transport & National and International Logistics
  • External Storage in Port Areas & Tax Warehouses
  • Import and Export Specific Documents
  • Quality and Surveillance Analysis by independent certified organs
  • International Means of Payment: stand-by letters, letters of credit, etc.