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360º Consulting services on the wastes market

An in-depth analysis of each client will allow the optimization and rationalization of each organizational structure. Since 2013, we have been providing innovative solutions and improving the competitive advantage of our clients in the market.


We establish long lasting relationships with our stakeholders, continuously improving our business model in order to position ourselves at the core of our activity.

We understand our client’s goals and are able to offer solutions so they are able to optimize their results. We import raw materials from outside the EU and also participate in the intracommunitary deliveries or exports of biodiesel.


Progress in the field of sustainability is more and more evident in legislative terms throughout the continent, therefore sustainability requirements need to be meet and proven.
For this reason, a number of commodities traceability schemes have been developed to control and audit sustainability terms..

At UCO Trading we provide the necessary tools and knowledge adapted for our clients to meet the requirements of their corresponding certification body. The most demanded scheme is ISCC, although others may be implemented: RED, INS (Italian National Scheme).


At UCO Trading we aim to give our stakeholders a full service that adds value beyond the intermediation of products. We have first-hand knowledge of the intricacies of the sector and can therefore offer consulting services on the following:

  • Import/export logistics
  • Storage in ports and other trading hubs
  • Specific import/export documentation
  • Quality analyses and surveillance provided by independent entities.
  • Financial assessment of optimum payment structures at an international level: stand-by letters, letters of credit.


Identifying opportunities and mitigating risk are the tasks in which the UCO Trading team specializes. Through thorough analysis and evaluation of vital market information, we create personalised risk management strategies that aim to establish reasonable expectations and the accomplishment of the best posible results.

“Well informed stakeholders make well-analysed deficions that will optimise their success and minimize risks”.


Uco Trading, a company specializing in the purchase-sale, intermediation and commercialization of vegetable oils, biodiesel, glycerol and usable waste for the manufacture of biodiesel. We operate internationally and every year we recycle more than 36.773 tons of this waste.

We offer a comprehensive advice on recycling of used vegetable oil and consulting in terms of quality, sustainability, international trade and logistics. We guarantee the traceability and sustainability of the managed waste.

Uco Trading is a company certified under:

Certificate of Sustainability RED-cert EU

Italian Sustainability Certificate Scheme 

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